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1 Bedroom
$119 + BATH
2 Bedroom
$139 + BATH
3 Bedroom
House or apt.
$159 + BATH
4 Bedroom
$189 + BATH
5 Bedroom
$209 + BATH
6 Bedroom
$249 + BATH

Here’s what you get

Routine Cleaning Deep Cleaning Move Out/In cleaning
Living Areas & Bedrooms
Dust ,Clean all surfaces & cobweb r.
Vacuum all carpet or Mop Floors
Clean ceiling fans & vents
Clean mirror & fixtures
Make beds, change bed linen
Baseboard,doors,cabinets wet wipe
Emp.Trash all bedrooms,living area
Clean inside cabinets and drawers
Kitchen & Laundry Room
Dust ,Clean all surfaces & cobweb r.
Clean sink,blacksplash,polish
Clean exterior of microwave & appl
Vacuum all carpet or mop floor
Wipe & clean kitchen surfaces
Clean outside of fridge & oven
Clean doors & cabinets
Baseboard,doors,cabinets wet wipe
Clean inside/outside oven & fridge
Clean inside cabinets and drawer
Bath & Tub Spaces
Clean inside of cabinets and drawer
Dust,Clean all surfaces & cobweb r.
Clean toilets & tile grout
Clean coutertops especial product
Clean tubs
Clean mirrors & shine chrome
Mop floors
Clean showers
Baseboard,door,cabinets wet wipe
Clean closet shelves & drawers



Routine Cleaning (one time or recurring service) : For those who have used our service or another professional cleaning services within the last month. Services from weekly, bi-weekly or every month.
Select Extras :

  • Inside oven
  • Inside refrigerator
  • Eco friendly supplies
  • Steam mopping
  • Roller couch
  • Wet wipe leather couch
  • Organization service
  • Inside windows glass

Deep Cleaning : For those who want a one time cleaning to get their home cleaned top the bottom. Required for first time customers Before starting a Routine Cleaning service ! Select Extras :

  • Eco friendly supplies
  • Organization service
  • inside windows glass

Move Out/In Cleaning : For those who are moving in or out and need for getting a security deposit back or getting the home ready for showing.

Select Extras :

  • Inside windows glass
  • Carpet cleaning

Post Construction Clean-up : For those who just had their home recently remodeled or constructed. This is a Two-clean process. We go in the first time and perform a very thorough, detailed deep cleaning on the entire home. Then, the second cleaning that takes place the next day is to get rid of any more dust that may have been disturbed or still settling and to make the home Absolute Shine. The two day process is due to dust that is almost impossible to clean up after One cleaning. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied and by doing so we must use the Two day process to have your home back to 100% Get this for a full house cleaning service. * Note : This is not available through our Book Now please contact us through E-mail or call for this .

Office Cleaning : Daily Office Cleaning in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. Why choose Absolute Shine Cleaning Services for you business. Daily office cleaning requirements ? We pride ourselves on our professional approach to managing and maintaining our clients specific daily cleaning needs and it is our personal style of listening to each business and their particular needs which sets us apart from the rest. There is no ‘one. *Note : This is not available through our Book Now please contact us through E-mail or call for this .

Carpet Cleaning : In additional to frequent vacuuming, it is important to clean your carpet on a regular basis. Our high powered cleaning equipment will remove the ground in oily, sticky soil that vacuums can’t pick up, and will help keep your carpet looking great over time.

Select Extras :

  • Pet urine treatment
  • Deodorize
  • Protect




Call us at 1-866-771-9945 for offices and Post-construction clean-up, estimate.

We provide cleaning services to: Houses, Apartments , Town Houses, and Offices.


  • Our fully trained cleaning team will arrive at your home in uniform with our company vehicle.
  • All supplies and tools
  • We use microfiber towels and scrub sponge are color code for specific areas.
  • Every cleaner is our employee (no sub-contractor)
  • Amazing & unlimited customer service through email, phone, or chat.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • We clean homes of all shapes and sizes. Each cleaning is unique and depends on the home owner’s needs. This list is meant to serve as a guide as to what we can do during the specified cleaning. Do let us know if you have a cleaning checklist that you’d like your cleaners to follow!